Monterro invests in and
develops software companies.
That's it.

Our dos and don'ts.

What we do and don’t do

Monterro invests in and develops post-venture-stage software companies with proven products and with the potential to become market leaders within their niches.


We invest our own money.We don’t only rely on others’ capital.


We invest in software.We don’t plan to diversify.


We are entrepreneurs.We don’t act like bankers.


of our investment capital 
originates from the partners.

Our portfolio companies

Stockholm-based Monterro targets software companies in the Nordic region.

Meet the team

with more than 20 years of experience!

About Monterro

Stockholm-based Monterro is an operational investment firm targeting software-based companies in the Nordic region.

The team behind Monterro has developed and exited global technology businesses at a value exceeding SEK 8.9 bn. Monterro brings thus unique operational experience, strategic know-how and a strong financial background to the table.

Monterro 1 closed in 2012 with SEK 560 m under management and Monterro 2 in 2016 with SEK 1 200 m under management. The investors in Monterro consist of private individuals, institutions and family offices. Thirty-three percent of the capital comes from the partners. This ensures the optimum alignment of interests between entrepreneurs, management and investors.