Monterro provides hands-on operational 
support that helps transform software 
companies into market leaders.

What we look for

We invest in software companies in the Nordic region that are moving from venture to growth stage. The companies we invest in should have a proven software product or service.

We invest in companies that have, or will achieve, positive cash flow within 12 months, have revenues exceeding SEK 20 m and have long-term growth prospects of +15% p.a. with +20% EBIT margin.

With equity investments ranging from SEK 20-250 m we seek significant ownership and board representation in order to create the optimum alignment of interests between entrepreneurs, management and investors.

With our capital and hands-on experience in operations and marketing strategies, we assist our portfolio companies as they reach market leadership within their niches.


We have developed and exited businesses at a value SEK 8.9 bn.

What defines us

We believe entrepreneurs seek investors with strong networks and hands-on experience. This is what we provide.


We believe entrepreneurs need investors with hands-on experience and strong international networks. This we provide.


We have collaborated with more companies and entrepreneurs in the sector than many other firms. This insight gives us a unique foundation for discussion and evaluation and allows us to approach investment opportunities from a multitude of angles.

Our extensive network within the software industry includes:

  • Operational leadership talent
  • CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, CMOs
  • Investment bankers
  • Technical talent
  • Entrepreneurs and investors
  • Purchasers of technology and services


We have the ability to make decisions swiftly – taking weeks rather than months. Our real-world experience in the industry allows us to bypass external management consultants and industry experts. Our thorough knowledge of the technology sector in the Nordic region leads to faster decision-making and increased likelihood of transactions.


We love what we do. The journey from start-up to industry leadership is hard work – but we have fun doing it.


Focus is essential for long-term, sustained success. That is why we only invest in and operate software and software-based companies.


We only invest private money – our money and that from within our network. This is important because institutional investors can impose policies that lead to bad decisions such as exiting at the wrong time.


33 percent of Monterro’s capital comes from its partners. This crucial component ensures alignment between the stakeholders: entrepreneurs, investors and Monterro.